The Heliozel AC300

The Heliozel AC300 is an AC system with a built in 300W pure sinewave inverter. It has a socket to connect various appliances (no more than 300W). Many people use the AC300 to start their own small business in rural areas. It serves as a great addition to a hair salon (plug in a hair clipper!), seamstresses can connect in their sewing machines and business people can easily power their laptops with the Heliozel AC300. It has a lot more uses and also includes various accessories.

A great addition to the AC300 solar power box is the 100W solar panel (which is included). It is foldable and has handles so it can easily be transported. It also has a stand so one can place it anywhere and it will be at a perfect angle to soak in the sun.
There is also a connection for an extra 35W solar battery for longer run-time. (Please do consult with us first before attempting this!)

The set includes

•  35Ah 12V built in lead acid battery

•  300W pure sinewave inverter

•  100W foldable panel with stand

•  3x 3W LED lights with 10m light cables each

•  cell phone charging cable with adapters

•  USB fan