Solar Sets

The Heliozel Solar sets range from small 6W systems to 300W. They all include solar panels as well as a couple of very nifty accessories. The Heliozel DC10 even has a built-in radio with speaker.

The Heliozel DC6
This 6w solar set is the baby of the Heliozel family: small, but energetic and strong. It is also the latest addition to the range, after there were numerous requests for something more compact and modest with less features than the DC10.
The Heliozel DC10
This 10w solar set is exceptionally popular, specifically because of one special, unique feature: it has a built in sound system. This means that you can listen to the radio or plug in a USB stick to listen to your own tunes. The speaker is pretty powerful
The Heliozel AC300
This 300w solar set is an AC system with a built in 300W pure sinewave inverter. It has a socket so one can connect various appliances (no more than 300W). Many people use the AC300 to start their own business in rural areas…

Our other devices range from Solar TV sets to installations for your roof and even shopping malls. We cater for all solar needs. Have a look and contact us to find your perfect solar solution.

The Solar TV
The Heliozel Solar TV is a special TV which has such low energy consumption that it can be powered from the Heliozel DC10. The TV is light, easy to use and has great image quality. Plug in a USB stick, use it as a computer monitor or connect your X-box…
The AC Range
***On special, while stocks last***
All Heliozel solar power boxes include batteries, inverters, solar panels and solar cabling. All solar components (batteries, inverter, regulators etc) are built into sturdy, orange power boxes, ensuring a neat and compact look.
The DUO Range
Heliozel is proud to introduce the next generation of Heliozel power boxes: The Heliozel Duo Range: powerful battery-powered solar systems available in three sizes. They are attractive, price-worthy and best of all: Made by HopSol in Namibia!