The Heliozel Premium PV Packages

If you are keen on solar but don’t quite want to leave the grid just yet, the Heliozel Premium PV Packages are ideal for you. HopSol has realized hundreds of these installations throughout Africa, Europe and soon South America will be part of this list. HopSol is a highly experienced and successful EPC installer for residential solar systems, big industrial solar installations and massive solar megawatt parks. Now HopSol offers the Heliozel Premium PV Packages to the public at great prices.

The Heliozel Premium PV Packages boast well-known and trusted solar brands like SMA (inverters) and Yingli (panels).

We have have seven basic packages available, ranging from 3.12 kWp (single phase) to 24.96 (3 phase) and these can be doubled up as well to form bigger systems for business centers or shopping malls.

Please contact us should you require prices or more information.

Heliozel Premium PV Packages

Each premium package includes solar panels, inverter, mounting structure (roof parallel) and DC wiring.

To determine which system would be ideal for you, please contact us. You can also get a rough idea of the system size you require by looking at the table on the left. The first column tells you how many KWh (kilowatt hours) the system will provide (depending on location, direction of roof, installation site etc) which you can compare to the units on your electricity bill. (Please note that an accurate calculation still has to be made to determine the final result of the system size needed).


You can pay off your Heliozel Premium PV Package in as little as 5 years! (Calculation done for a 5.2KWp system installed in a family home). For your personalized calculation on your own return on investment, contact us!


What better way to help the environment than a good quality solar system? You CAN make a difference to the carbon footprint! Let Heliozel help you.

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Heliozel is a brand of HopSol International. HopSol is not only responsible for numerous successful Heliozel Premium PV Package installations, but also for large-scale, limitless solar plants.